International Thespian Society

The International Thespian Society is an organization that honors the work and achievement of high school students. Each Thespian Troupe is composed of Thespians who are ranked as follows:


10 Points = Thespian induction

60 Points = Honor Thespian rank

120 Points = National Honor Thespian rank

180 Points = International Honor Thespian rank



To letter in theatre you must place in the top 5 thespians with the most points who have not already lettered in theatre. (5 Thespians are chosen each semester)


Benefits include:

-Free subscription to Dramatics magazine


-Opportunities for college theatre programs


Questions? Concerns?

Contact the Artistic Director at

Our Troop!


Sophia Ambrosius

Sasha Ariane

Abby Bradley

Erin Brennan

Bebe Burgonio

Kristie Cheung

Albert Chin

Luke Colombero 

Logan Cortez

Mia Dolbee

Mckenna Donnay

Leah Fahim

Aaron Flores

Hayley Frame

Connor Garrick

Alissa Gomez 

Abbi Hintz

Peyton Holloman

Damien Howard

Bella Leibovitz

Kimmy Levene

Adam Little

Ian Little

Dylan Malloy

Maxwell Marquez

Emma Martin

Daunte Mosely

Ariana Nin

Katie Norton

Harper O'Laughlin

Skyler Olis

Veronica Perez

Dev Perlow

Brenna Plost

Maximus Rafaniello 

Ezra Rinnan

Madeleine Roch

Olivia Romero 

Gabrielle Rosiak-Gallardo

Sherydan Schel

Ray Shay

Elena Sherrill

Bella Tavakkoly

Hana Umemoto

Jade Van Laarhoven

Honor Thespians

Bridget Alves

Sophie Gunn

Simon Jovanovic

Sandra Jovanovic

Emilie Manville

Nina Mogadam

Marshall Ordish

Jessica Roch

Olivia Ventura

Mateo Yepiz

National Thespians

*Salina Chin

*Brigitte Espencheid

*Koa Flores

*Henna Jamal

*Jenna Mootchnik

*Savi Nasiri

*Reina Pelky

*Anika Perera

*Martin Perez

*Jayme Anderson

International Thespians

*Kassidy Ordish

*Olivia Robertson


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