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Donations and Fundraisers

While every student has a place in the theatre arts program, we are dependent on our families for assistance in our fundraising efforts and support through your contributions. The Capistrano Unified School District is only able to support the theatre arts program by providing teacher’s salaries and facilities.
  • ALL other expenses, including show costs and specialized coaching are funded 100% by our fundraising and your contributions.

  • We ask each student cast/crew member for a $200 voluntary tax-deductible contributions for the fall show and the spring musical. 

  • Contributions can be made by cash or check. We also offer payment plans.

  • If we do not achieve our contribution goals, vital areas of our program may be cut back or modified to match available funds. Your donations to our organization are used only to help fund the Aliso Niguel Theatre Company.


All contributions made to this program are greatly appreciated. Please note that contributions are voluntary and all students will be allowed to participate in our programs, regardless of whether a contribution is made.

Thank you for your support!

Payments/Donations/Gift Shop

Click the button below to make a donation to our company or playbill payment!

Playbill Ad

Want to advertise your business! Purchase an ad to be in our playbill for our upcoming show! Click the button below for more information!


Your sponsorship provides our program with the yearly funds needed to put on two major productions throughout the school year and several minor productions as well. We need between $25-$30K to cover all the costs of the productions from play rights, lights, costumes, makeup, set building, advertising, etc. to put on our shows. 

ANTC of Aliso Niguel High School is a non-profit organization run by students and volunteer parents. Thank you for your support!

Cart Donations

Everyday after school, the ANTC sells candy and other various goodies to people who are feeling a bit snacky! We need your help to stock up! Donations can be dropped off from you/your child any day of the week, preferably Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Please no perishable items. We love chips, soda, candy, Ramen, etc. Thank you for your contribution!

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