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Antc Booster Club

Non-Profit Tax ID: 82-4732783



Voting Members

executive board

Meeting Schedule for 2023-24:


4th Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.

All ANTC parents are welcome to attend.

Click here for meeting info & dates

Executive Board:

President: Emily Cravens

Vice President:  MariCarmen Perez

Secretary: Sara Price

Treasurer: Mark Perez

Member Chairs:

Communications Chair: Naz Nadjoumi

Fundraising Chair: Kathy Etienne

Grants Chair: Tracy Smith

Mentoring Chair: Jessica Cook

Oversight and Accountability Chair: Sharis Brown

Sponsors Chair: Ann Ramirez

Volunteer & Concessions Chair: Nikki DeWees

Members at Large:

Alessandra Alves, Michael Alves, Rich Brown, Marc Denton, Kathy Etienne,

Mary Margaret Fincher, Taleen Keshishian, Michele Menzies, Todd Meyer,

Todd Mosher, Blake Peterson, Elaine Peterson, Chris Rodriguez, Christie Vu

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