Antc Booster Club

Non-Profit Tax ID: 82-4732783



Voting Members

executive board

Meeting Schedule for 2021-22:


2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30pm.

All ANTC parents are welcome to attend.

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Executive Board:

President: Alynn Kluczynski

Vice President:  Emily Cravens

Secretary: Nikky Dewees

Treasurer: Lauralea Thompson

Member Chairs:

Fundraising Chair: Position Open

Communications Chair: Kelly Burton 

Volunteer & Concessions Chair: Maricarmen Perez

Grants Chair: Nancy Little

Sponsors: Emily Danielsen

Oversight and Accountability: Tom Kluczynski

Mentoring Chair: Alessandra Alves

Non-Voting Members:

Heidi Adams, Michael Alves, Marisela Carlos, Brandi Chastain, Jessica Cook, Sonia Cummings, Kathy Etienne, Janice Graves, Marc Denton, Tonia Denton, Taleen Keshishian, Thomas Mitchell, Meghan Murphey, Todd Mosher, Margarita Page,

Sarah Price, Mark Perez, Erin Roberts, Glenn Roberts, Beth Romero, Christine Vu