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Antc student
staff roster

​Director- Jeremy Golden

Artistic Director- Riley Kluczynski

-Manages company-wide components like International Thespian Society and monthly company meetings as well as company bonding.

Managing Director- Isabel Cravens

-Manages the staff and keeps everyone accountable for their duties.

Literary Manager/Secretary- Ava Messerschmidt

-Organizes the theatrical library inventory and checking in/out system.

Box Office Manager/Treasurer- Molly DeWees

-Coordinates tickets for each show and works closely with fundraising​.

Webmaster- Alan Alves

-Runs our company website and documents all ANTC events on it

throughout the year.


Historian- Mati Stockton

-Takes pictures of company members during events and keeps our timeline updated.


Video Coordinator- Grace Dimapilis

-Maintains our social media presence and helps with the promotion of our events.

Technical Director- Gia Tunnell

-Manages the technical elements of our company.

Office Manager- Shay Seymour

-Manages the Greenroom keeping it clean and organized.

Costume Shop Manager- Ashley Atkinson

-Manages costume inventory and inter-school costumes trading/borrowing.

Resident Stage Manager- Talar Kesheshian

-Coordinates events with groups from the school and community by scheduling technicians and preparing the theatre for each group's requests.

Events Coordinator- Brianna Graves

-Coordinates company events, including holiday parties, Fullerton theatre festival, group shows, and the end of the year banquet.

Events Deputy- Eli Gunn 

-Assists Events Coordinator with planning events such as Fullerton festival or company parties.

Marketing Director- Jordan Brown

-Oversees the marketing team in promoting our company.

Graphic Designer- Sam Wyatt 

-Develops and designs marketing materials, including posters, banners, and flyers for productions​.

Publicity/Social Media Coordinator- Makena Mosher 

-Member of the marketing team that publicizes our productions both in the school and the community.

Outreach Coordinator- Corrie Denton 

-Develops relationships with groups in the community with a special focus on Aliso Viejo and Don Juan Avila Middle Schools.

House Manager- Emily Menzies

-Manages food inventory that is sold at the after school cart and intermission at shows.

Playbill Coordinator- Selma Elbalalesy

-Constructs and designs playbills for every ANTC show and performances.

S.A.L.A.D.- Mia Perez, Donatella To

-Manages all sales and advertising.

Properties Manager- Jordan McClellan

-Keeps track of and organizes properties of the company.

Facilities Manager - Nate Wienick

-Keeps track of our equipment and organizes our main storage areas.

Master Electrician - Nick Breen 

-Keeps track of tech equipment and runs usage of any equipment needed.


Resources Manager - Emily Chapman

-Keeps inventory of all products used and borrowed by the company.

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