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Frequently asked questions

Where is the theatre hallway (1000 hallway)?

The theatre hallway is located where the red cross on the map is indicating.


What does an audition look like in the Aliso Niguel Theatre Company?

It depends on the show! However, we can give you a general idea! For a play, the audition will typically be a cold read. Meaning, when you arrive to the audition you will be given a script that you must prepare within a few minutes ( depending on your audition time). Sometimes, a play audition may include improv as well. For a musical, you must prepare 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song and bring a copy of your sheet music for the pianist. It may seem a bit scary, but don't worry, everyone here wants you to succeed and we believe in you! Any additional information will most likely be inside your audition packet.

How do you get involved in the main stage productions?

For the fall play, pick up an audition packet or crew application ( depending on preference) in the 1000 hallway on the first day of school. Auditions will be held on the after school on the second day of school. All of the information you need will be on the audition form. 


Do you have to be enrolled in a drama class to be in a main stage production?

Nope! The main stage productions take place in 7th period, which is an after school class. However, if you wish to take part in these productions you must fill out an audition packet or crew application and follow their instructions.

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How many shows do you do per year?

We have two main stage productions each year: a fall play and a spring musical. The actor's rep class produces 2 shows each year, but only students in the class are allowed to participate. We also have a talent show-like production called "Broadway Night" in the winter. 

What areas of technical theatre do you offer in your main stage productions?

We have a set crew, lighting crew, props crew, sound crew, makeup crew, costume crew, house crew, and occasionally a projections crew. 

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How do you letter in theatre?

You can letter in theatre by earning ITS points. At the end of each semester 3-5 of the students with the highest number of ITS points will receive a letter. You can only letter one time, so everyone has a equal opportunity to letter. Make sure you fill out your ITS point form often and participate as much as you can if you hope to letter!

What is ITS?

ITS stands for the International Thespian Society. This is not required out of any of our students however we highly recommend you join! ITS is basically a theatre point system. Every time you do a theatre related activity, you write it down on a form ( which you can get at school, ask anybody on staff and they can help you out! )! These activities will then be transferred into points. Once you have 10 points you are eligible to be inducted into the International Thespian Society. From here, you can continue to earn points and become a higher ranked thespian. The super cool thing is that once you are inducted into ITS you are a member for life! Being a part of ITS can help you so much in pursuing theatre as a professional career. This looks super great on college and job applications too! It's super easy to join and has so many benefits, we highly recommend it!

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