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Meet the Company

     The Aliso Niguel Theatre Company is a real, working theatre company run by and for the students of the Aliso Niguel High School Theatre Department. While the company is overseen by Executive Producer, Mr. Jeremy Golden, the day-to-day operations are run by a student staff. The staff meets once a week and makes decisions about all areas of the company’s operation, both in artistic areas as well as management. In following this model, the students take greater ownership of the facilities, the company and the craft. They learn valuable life skills of management, leadership, problem solving and teamwork all in the context of the art that they love. The company has a board of directors comprised of parent boosters whose primary function is fund raising but who also monitor performance and production to ensure that all areas run smoothly.               

     The end result is a company that is invested from beginning to end and that brings a sense of pride and accomplishment for years beyond.

current company

ANTC Fall Play

Twelfth Night

"Twelfth Night" is a comedic play by William Shakespeare. It follows the story of Viola, a young woman shipwrecked on the shores of Illyria. Disguising herself as a man named Cesario, she becomes a messenger for Duke Orsino, but complications arise as she falls in love with the Duke while he is in love with Countess Olivia, who, in turn, falls for Viola in her male disguise.


Aliso Niguel Theatre Company

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